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詹皇里程碑欧文关键三分 骑士加时险胜奇才     Beijing time on February 7th, the NBA regular season continues, the knight away wizards, eventually after a 140-135 overtime win over rivals, ushered in the 3 game winning streak at the same time, the end of the Wizards won 17 straight home court.

A truce in the Erwin campaign due to a leg injury comeback, knight after the opening of the ball first to Carrefour, Le Fuxian singles hook shot under the basket, then pick James ball into the three, start to cheap jerseys nba lead the knights. Walter and Bill swept the Wizards before 6 points, James make a comeback, to break off the wall change across the raid, markieff – Maurice ball into the basket. James Tupofenqiu, Erwin jump ball landing immediately after the shot hit three points, 7 points ahead of cleveland.

Waldo assists Potter three point hit wizards counterattack horn sounded, wal break dunk, Bill for the Wizards added a record three points, the score counter ultra wizards. James against the defending three points hit knight, to stabilize the situation. The Cheap Jerseys free shipping game into a stalemate state, the leader of the three season pointshooting list Potter scored a long shot, hit a wave of 7-0 Wizards help break the deadlock in the end of the first section of 32-26 leading Knight 6 points. James in the first 3 assists, Wilkens Laney (NBA career more than 7211 assists), NBA assists history rankings to thirteenth place.

The second day war, the knight is playing James at this point, James sent to the defensive end cap, offensive defensive player against the continuous forced break layup, multi flowering take time cheap jerseys nba for the wizards to expand the lead to 8 points. He assists James dunk, Le Fu hit three points, two assists and Tristan James – Thompson dunk points, knights and wizards were launched to narrow the points difference. Knight first half last attack, James suddenly to the bottom line of the ball, road to follow Tristan Thompson catch layup scored 3 points behind the knight 54-57 wizards finished the game in the first half of the race. James’s 12 first half points 10 assists and 2 steals in NBA history steals over “the magician” Johnson (NBA career 1724 steals), ranked twentieth.

The second half of the curtain opened, Bill scored 3 goals, including a record of three points, the wizards will be extended to the difference of 9 points points. Tristan – Thompson Glenealy 6 points, Le Fu received James pass three hits, the knight stopped playing wizards equaliser. Waldo markieff – assists Maurice to empty the dunk, but the Wizards did not “stop”, the knight three giants to join points, Erwin hit in the cast, Le Fu again received the James pass in three points, James first rolling break layup, then break the ball once again assists Le Fuzhong with three points, 6 points ahead of the knight wizards. Potter dropped into the fourth individual record three points, James immediately given back Cheap Jerseys free shipping , attacking the basket layup points, the Wizards center Gortat by James and James hit the bottom line in the physical confrontation. James come to rest, Kevin scored two goals led to keep the lead, leading Knight 86-82 wizards 4 points in the fourth quarter, Carrefour in the third quarter with 15 points. Sweet Alpert departure back to the locker room in the third quarter a sprained left ankle and will not play the game.

The fourth section starts, the Wizards played a knight to achieve a super 8-1. Frye and Kowal has dropped three points, to lead the knights. James is suspected of pushing the ball in the action process, but the referee did not blow, wizards coach Brooks angrily referee results eat a technical foul. The game cheap jerseys nba once again entered a stalemate situation, leading two teams alternating. James scored two record three points, Bill and Theo to take bite will score points. Potter scored three points in the fourth quarter, wizards end 3 minutes before the 3 points ahead, Knight call suspended.

After the suspension, James first hit three points, then assists Korver shot goes well, the knight to regain the lead position. Gortat throws two balls, Kevin James received the ball into the field of the six individual three points, 4 points ahead of the knight stopped playing wizards. Potter made two free throws, James jumper was Gortat capping, a Bill three point hit wizards, tying fourth knights, with 43.7 seconds left. Tristan Thompson Cheap Jerseys free shipping reached the basket two foul penalty, Waldo layup, markieff – Maurice two offensive rebounds layup, wizards counter ultra 1 points 12.2 seconds left to the knight. James didn’t break over the basket, the knight to foul tactics, Waldo two free throws, 3 points ahead of the wizards. The knight has not suspended, Le Fu sent a long pass, James on the right side of the sideline ball turned and hit three points to make amends, section fourth with 0.3 seconds left, the Wizards didn’t pick, two teams draw 120-120 into overtime.

Overtime battle, James defended Bill shot foul, 6 foul out, wizards Glenealy 4 points ahead. Erwin markieff – Maurice foul, markieff – Maurice is also committed 6. Urrbrae hit three points, 5 points ahead of the wizards. Tristan Thompson hit the jumper, Kyle Korver dropped into three points, tying the wizard knight. Erwin scored a layup, Knight counter ultra score, Wal Mart to a breakthrough hit three points given response, once again lead the wizards. Urrbrae 6 fouls, Kevin two free throws, Bill hit three points, Erwin’s score, the two teams tied again in 1 minutes before the end of overtime. Erwin took the key blow, right dribble three points hit singles, Knight 35 seconds before the whistle exceeds 3 points. Gortat scored a layup, Erwin withstood the pressure of two free throws, three Bill missed two free throws, Kevin Cleveland victory, Erwin scored 11 points in overtime.

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