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最新球队实力榜:前四不变 绿军抢占第五The official NBA released the latest issue of the strength of the team standings, warriors, spurs, rockets and knights cheap nba jerseys with the same, still in the top four, the Celtics last week from seventh up to fifth place. The following is a detailed list:

The warriors of the season losing sessions has more than last season, but more importantly, because Durant the wound will have at least 4 weeks can not fight together with them. Adu missed the greatest cheap jerseys from china impact on the team on the defensive end this week with the Spurs will be the most difficult game of their season. They still have only one home game this week.

Two consecutive overtime victory, spurs the opponent and Minnesota Pelican score below 90 points in each of the 100 round. Leonard 3 consecutive games 30+, but also from the bench to play more cheap nba jerseys adapted to the return of the game in the field, he averaged a total of 16 points hit rate of 57%, the Spurs have been winning streak in the past, only behind the warriors of the 2 wins in the field of the game by the end of the year, the world cup is a good place for the first time in the past 5 games. They have a physical advantage over Sunday’s opponents.

Lost to the Pacers game, the rockets hit three points less than 37%, their record fell to a record of 15 wins and 16 losses. Victory over the clippers, then let them cast in three points higher than 37% hit rate cheap jerseys from china when the record reached 29 wins and 3 losses. This week ‘s schedule is quite a bit of a devil, will face the Spurs, jazz, bulls and knights.

Williams Knight debut, missed the game winning shot. And beat the Hawks, the knight hit 25 record three points to break the all-time record. Two consecutive cheap nba jerseys played more than 79 minutes, Lebron get holiday chance in the game with the heat.

The thunder in March did not win, they have 7 straight away, every 100 rounds only 94 points, Westbrook hit rate of only 35%. Oladipo pulled back to the team can not play, Mcdermott is not helpful. They have won 4 games at home, the next 8 games they have the home of the 6. Wei has three consecutive games cheap jerseys from china without a pair of assists, which makes him lose the season double the risk of three.

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