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巴特勒:全明星后要休假 不希望自己被交易

A new NBA team list, ranked sixth to tenth teams were Celtic, clippers, jazz, grizzly bears and thunder.

The trade deadline is approaching, Danny Anji still had 2 picks from the nets. If he had the chance to make the Celtics even closer to the championship, he would have shot. Green Army currently occupies the second place in the East, all the stars after the schedule is the most relaxed in the East, if coupled with an all star level players will be with Isaiah – and the combination wholesale jerseys of Eyre – Thomas?

Although Chris headed Paul absent because of injury, 4 in a row with the clippers and wizards as the longest in the League all star weekend. After beating the jazz with the eagles, they not only to return to the West four, on the defensive end since Paul also played a short post-war per round only lost 80 points of the season magical performance, defensive cheap nba jerseys from the alliance sixteenth jumped to ninth.

The Jazz beat the Blazers in time for the 3 straight defeat, and if they can return to Rodney hood in the future, they will still have a chance to return to the top four in the west. It is worth mentioning that, in the Joe – Ingalls alternative as the starting point, the wholesale jerseys of their first team ranks first in the league. In addition, they are the top three league road team, 3.2 points per 100 possessions margin of victory.

Grizzlies in the first two months of the season, the offensive performance is bad defensive super, but in January they have become a strong offensive defensive team. In February, their defense efficiency returned to the top five of the league, but also successfully passed the most difficult schedule. If in the future cheap nba jerseys can get back to the state, then the Grizzlies playoffs will have a better guarantee.

Wei less likely to hit the league in the last 55 years, the first game of the average double players, while the thunder is full of efforts in the direction of the West more than seventh of the sprint in the ranking of the top three. The future of their schedule to be more relaxed than the sixth Grizzlies, only 8 games winning 50% League opponents at least. In the face of the 50% winning teams below wholesale jerseys , the record of 21 wins and 9 losses, but it is worth noting that their defense began to decline from china.

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