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NHL2月最佳三星 黑鹰队长生涯第4个帽子戏法

NHL selected the last month of the league’s best players from Samsung, the Chicago Blackhawks center cheap nhl jerseys Jonathan Tefors, Nashville Raiders left Philip Fuchs Berri and Washington team goalkeeper Braden Holtby were elected.

Taifusi scored in 10 games last month 7 balls and 11 assists, a total of 18 points, helping the Blackhawks scored 9 wins and 1 negative results, the second highest in the west. He has scored 9 goals in 10 games, and he has scored more than 2 points in the last 5 games. In February 21st over wholesale jerseys the Minnesota wild game, he got the occupation career fourth hat trick and second single game 5 points, the last time he completed this feat or when faced with the Anaheim team in November 25, 2011. In addition, he also scored the winning goal in two games, which in February 8th defeated the Minnesota wild game, he scored the occupation career the ninth overtime ball arrangement Blackhawks history first. The 28 year old Taifusi scored the 53 game of the season in the 16 ball and 30 assists, a total of 46 points, he has scored the latest 6 consecutive games, scored a total of 5 goals and 8 assists.

Foss Berry in 13 games and scored 11 goals last month, led the league, his 17 points ranked second in the league, he helped the Raiders last month made 8 wins 4 negative 1 overtime record, currently in the part of the district cheap nhl jerseys ranked third. In the first 7 games this month, he had only 1 goals and 2 assists for a total of 3 points, but in February the final 6 games he has all the score, scoring 10 goals and 4 assists for a total of 14 points, including a back-to-back hat trick and 4 single game 3 points during the show, he scored 3 winning goals, tied for first in the league, the last game of the month of February 28th, Fuchs Berri scored the third overtime golden occupation career. The 22 year old Swede, who scored the first goal in the last 63 games of the season, scored a total of $26 in the team, scoring a total of 49 points.

Last month, 9 light phase, Holt record of 8 wins and 1 negative overtime, averaging 1.88 goals, averaging out rate was 92.8%, and 1 shutout, help the League leading people in the capital team throughout the February achieved 9 wins and 2 losses 1 extra negative results, in one of 6 games Holt, lost in two than the ball ball, February 7th victory over the Carolina Hurricanes in the game, he got his thirtieth career shutout occupation. The 27 year old Holt than since December 29th last year, 19 appearances scored 17 wins and 2 extra wholesale jerseys negative astonishing results. He played in 47 games this season, averaging 1.95 goals ranked first in the league, 7 shutout tied first in the league, 92.9% saves was third in the league.

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