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NBA regular season continues, the king away with the Lakers, Cousins throws the quasi lore, King 97-96 win over the 4 game winning streak. Cousins 40 points and 12 rebounds cheap nba jerseys and 8 assists, Collison 13 points and 8 assists, Mike Lermo 13 points; the Lakers missed the game winning streak, Ravenea 19 points paratelum scored 29 points and 5 assists, Randall 11 points and 7 rebounds, Nikya 10 points.

After the opening, seventeenth seconds, Black in the test shot when the ball foul, gave the king the 2 free throw opportunities. Twenty-sixth seconds, Russell passes, Cousins steals. Sixth minutes and 12 seconds, a Nick Young pass, Russell three point shot. The king of this festival feel good, the team hit rate reached 63.16%, compared with the 40.91% better, which Cousins only scored 12 points in this section. The first section wholesale jerseys of Harding Park, the Lakers temporarily behind 23-29.

The second section back, second minutes and 44 seconds, Zubats passes, Matt – Barnes steals. Tenth minutes and 32 seconds, Randall sent exquisite pass, Nick Young three shot hit. Eleventh minutes and 50 seconds, Ingram KOUFOS in shooting fouls, the Lakers gave 2 free throws. The Lakers launched a frenzied attack on the rebound, this section consists of 16 rebounds, including 6 offensive rebounds, one of which Clarkson would cheap nba jerseys contribute 5 rebounds with basket advantage will narrow the gap to 2 points. Lakers fall into the trap of mistakes, mistakes up to 6 times. Halftime, the Lakers behind 41-43.

Easy side battles the second half, fourth minutes and 30 seconds, received a pass from Russell, Nick Young three shot. Sixth minutes and 15 seconds, says koofers in Nick Young shot foul,wholesale jerseys gave the Lakers 2 free throws. Tenth minutes and 52 seconds, Clarkson passes, KOUFOS was steals. After the three quarter, the Lakers behind 64-70.

In section fourth, twenty-second seconds, Deng appeared passes, Stein steals by cowley. First minutes and 5 seconds, Matt – Barnes in the little Larry nance shot foul, gave the Lakers 2 free throws. Tenth minutes and 45 seconds, Lewis assists Williams, Larry nance cast hit. The king repeated impact basket, get 13 free throws, 9 free throws, the hit rate reached 69.23%. The Lakers feel good, the team hit rate cheap nba jerseys reached 72.22%, compared with 50% of the king’s superior, Lewis Williams only scored 19 points in this section. At the end of the game, the Lakers won the game with a 97-96 victory over the lakers.

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